Radon Testing Laboratories in RI

Radon gas is the 2nd biggest cause of lung cancer in the United States behind smoking related lung cancer. Radon enters your building through the building’s foundation after being released by Uranium ore from within the Earth. By hiring a Radon testing laboratory in RI you will be able to test the Radon levels in your house’s basement. Because Radon is a heavy gas, it sinks to the lowest point in your building, often in the basement. The highest concentration of Radon the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends is 4 picocuries per liter before you take steps. Steps radon testing laboratories might recommend you take include sealing your basement floor better or forced air ventilation.

If you are searching for a good home inspection professional in RI, our home and building inspection directory is a great location for you to start your search. Once you do find an inspection company in RI, give them a call and get an estimate for what they think the examination will cost you and if they have an availible time in their schedule to do the inspection. If they are available, try asking some family and friends to see if they have done business with them in the past, or if they have a different suggestion for you.

Some building inspections can be done on your own, even with no formal trainingor construction experience. While you probably will still need a formal inspection to get your home approved by the town, an examination performed by you can help keep your house safe. When doing a home inspection you’ll want to watch for many different things. Some examples of what you will be looking for include evidence of water damage, improper looking electrical work and large cracks in your walls, caused by a settling structure.

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