When the times comes and you are ready to buy a new home, it is highly recommended to contract a home inspection service to verify the condition of the house before any money changes hands. Most financial institutions will require the house and property to be inspected before granting a mortgage and making sure the home inspection service conducting the inspection is qualified can save a lot of trouble in the future.

The purpose of a home inspection service is not to conduct an appraisal, which establishes the value of a property, rather it is to verify the condition of the house and property. There is no passing or failing grade given during an inspection, instead the company will submit a report detailing any deficiencies that were found during the inspection process.

They will be able to note any minor and major repairs that may be needed and a qualified home inspection service should also be able to point out any potential deficiencies. Although their reports may be subjective on certain points, their opinions should be considered valuable to a potential buyer. Many time a real estate agency will recommend a home inspection service and buyers agree to go with their suggestion.

A few may have a relationship with a realtor that gives a green light inspection on every home they visit, but agents can also be held liable in some states if they are found partially at fault knowingly using a substandard service.

The vast majority of home inspection service companies are not there to protect the home buyer or the seller or to make points with the real estate agency. Their job is to provide a third-party analysis of the condition of the home. While their reports can make or break a real estate deal, their main concern is to provide a valid report with integrity.