EIFS System

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems or as they are commonly known as an EIFS system, are fantastic ways to finish or restore a building.  An EIFS system will not only finish off the exterior of the building but they also provide insulation and waterproofing systems in one composite system.  An EIFS system can be used on old or new buildings, homes, schools, hospitals, government or public buildings.  EIFS is a form of stucco but has much more to offer than traditional stucco.

Traditional stucco is also referred to as Portland Cement Plaster because it is sand, Portland Cement and water.  When you use stucco to create a finish on a wall you have to use at least three layers to get the traditional effect and you need to pre-insulate the wall.  Stucco in its traditional form will not provide any insulation to an area and will form a very hard and solid wall therefore not providing any water drainage either.

What makes an EIFS system special is that it will insulate and that on certain types of EIFS systems there will be drainage methods as well.  EIFS can be retrofitted to buildings that are currently in use and EIFS can be used on buildings that are just being built.  The benefit to the EIFS system is that it will give you a much more modern look then traditional stucco and having an EIFS system fitted to your building will also help improve energy efficiency.

There was a time when people chose to finish their buildings with stucco to make their buildings stand out.  With a new EIFS system you can have many different types of finishes to a building that will give off a much more modern feel.  You can even have an EIFS system installed over a previous exterior stucco finish.

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