Air pollution is absolutely a problem for all of us, and the average adult breathes over 3,000 gallons of air every day, while children breathe even more air per pound of body weight and are also much more susceptible to air pollution. People who have been exposed to high enough levels of certain air pollutants are actually at risk of experiencing such symptoms as burning of the eyes, an irritated throat, and breathing difficulties.

There are really few issues in the world more important than air quality control, especially at this point in time when pollution in general is at an all-time high. It is actually quite frightening how polluted and dangerous the air in most areas is, and this is exactly why you should be aware of your options in terms of air quality control companies, because you should at least take the proper steps and precautions towards maintaining a healthy air quality level in your home.

Your Options

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different air quality control companies around the world, but just a few in particular that really stand out. One of these is the Office of Air and Radiation, or OAR, which develops national programs, technical policies, and various regulations for the controlling of air pollution and radiation exposure.

They deal with a variety of air quality control issues, including acid rain, air quality index, climate change, haze and visibility, indoor air quality, ozone depletion, radiation, smog, particles, toxic air pollutants, and vehicles and engines.

They actually offer a Radiation Protection Program, which involves a variety of things, and namely has helped the company to become the lead federal agency for responding to internal emergencies involving radioactive materials, such as the accident at Chernobyl. They also provide guidance and training to various other local and state agencies in preparing for emergencies at U.S. nuclear plants and transportation accidents.

The team here undertakes several key activities in order to assess risk, including: monitoring the environment for above-normal background levels of radiation, using data from studies of effects from exposing human cells to different kinds and amounts of radiation and from exposure of people to radiation, and developing mathematical models to estimate the effects of potential exposures from existing exposure data.

There are many other fantastic air quality control companies out there as well but without a doubt they are one of the very best, and definitely one of the first to consider if you ever have any issues with air quality in your own home.