Asbestos insulation was very commonly used between the 1930’s and the 1960’s when it’s sever health risks were discovered and use was severely limited.  Aside from it’s insulating properties asbestos is also fireproof which makes it ideal as an insulator.  Unfortunately its health risks make it too dangerous to use. Asbestos is particularly harmful when it is disturbed or broken which releases thousands upon thousands of virtually weightless fibers into the air which then can cause lung disease when inhaled.  If possible it may be wise for newly found asbestos to simply be left alone and protected against any disturbances.

Before you decide what to do with asbestos insulation you’ve found it would be best to talk to an asbestos expert who can tell you exactly what you should do.  One of the ways to limit the asbestos contamination is to simply enclose the asbestos with another material.  By coating the asbestos you limit the chances that the asbestos has to get into the air to cause harm.  Encapsulating the asbestos is more of a short to mid-term fix though and the asbestos still needs to be dealt with in the long run.

If you find asbestos insulation in your house and want to get rid of it for good you should hire asbestos experts to come in and remove the asbestos for you.  Improper asbestos removal only puts more asbestos into the air and makes it more deadly and can be a health risk for years to come.  Professional asbestos cleaners will wear masks and protective clothing when removing asbestos insulation and once they remove the bulk of the insulation will wash the pipes or walls to remove any scrapes and they may even repaint or reseal the walls to ensure that there is no residual asbestos.  Unfortunately professional asbestos removal is a very expensive procedure due to its health risks.

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