Exterior Insulation Finish Systems were developed in Europe after World War Two.  The EIFS systems were fit onto buildings that had previously had masonry walls.  It was found that EIFS systems were very good at lowering energy costs.  EIFS systems were introduced in the United States in 1960 but did not catch on in popularity until 1970 when the country went through an energy crisis.

EIFS systems were very popular in the United States until the early 1980’s when people began to complain of water damage problems.  Water would penetrate the EIFS systems and create a breeding ground for Black Mold that would multiply and create mycotoxins leading to lung and skin infections.  Once the mold had set into the home or building it was very costly and time consuming to remove.  The EIFS systems companies stand firm in their belief that the problems from the 1980’s lawsuits were not from faulty products but from faulty insulation.

As building codes changes EIFS systems with drainage became more popular especially on wood frame buildings.   The popularity at the moment brings sales of EIFS systems to more than 200 million square feet per year.  There are many new buildings and homes out there on the market today that you would not even know that they are EIFS system finished because the look if an EIFS system is so smooth.  It is amazing what a new EIFS system can do to rejuvenate a business.

The wonderful thing today is that the makers of EIFS systems want to prevent any problems like there were in the 80’s and therefore are making sure that EIFS systems are being sold in much better condition than before.  EIFS systems are now being put on the market with the adhesives and coatings necessary to ensure a quality finish.  Let the history of EIFS systems change the history of your home or business.

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