If a building a new home is in your near future, learning the basics about universal building code is a great way to ensure that your new house will meet your expectations when it is completed. No matter the purchase to be made, an informed consumer is always more likely to make the best choices, their knowledge leaving them less reliant on the advice of others when making important decisions.

For most consumers, their home is the largest investment they will ever enter into. Aside from the financial commitment that a home represents, many consumers are emotionally invested in the building of their ideal home. Given the magnitude of the investment involved in building a home, becoming well informed about the design process, materials choices, and universal building code specifications that enter into the process is wise, allowing you to be more involved in the decision making process.

Universal building code is quite complex, containing regulations and standards for every step of the home building process. There are rules that apply to fire safety standards, plumbing and waste systems, property drainage requirements, structural systems, and electrical wiring. Other sections of universal building code specify standards for mechanical and combustion equipment and energy usage.

While the complex regulations and standards contained in universal building code may seem like a tangle of confusing and annoying rules, they are designed to ensure that the homeowner is presented with a quality finished product that is safe and built with reasonable skill and care. Adherence to the standards of universal building code is mandatory in every construction project, ensuring the safety of homes and buildings within each community.

You can obtain information on universal building code from a variety of sources. Builder’s associations generally have a selection of such information, or your local Building Inspector’s office may be able to assist you. Libraries and book retailers can be a good source of universal building code information as well. The effort you expend in learning the basics of universal building code is sure to serve you well over the long run, helping your dream home become a reality.

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