Toxic molds are many varieties of mold that can cause the human immune system to deteriorate.  Toxic Molds will make your family very ill and cause your quality of life to deteriorate.  You want to make sure you are following the proper steps to make sure that Toxic Mold does not grow in your home and cause sickness.  You can watch out for the signs of mold growth on your walls and furniture if you know what to look for.

There are many classes of mold which can invade your home.  Some of the classes of mold are Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Cryptococcus, Penicillium, Trichoderma, Rhodotorula and Harposporium.  There is a point for every person where the mold levels can be considered as Toxic Mold and health concerns will arise.  It is easier for people with compromised immune systems to be affected by Toxic Molds more easily then healthy people.

The growing conditions for Toxic Mold require a water source, a food source and a substance to grow upon.  Plywood, drywall, carpets and padding can all be conditions where Toxic Molds can grow.  Toxic Molds can grow at a very slow rate on some surfaces until they have gone through an incident of water damage and then the Toxic Molds will be in the perfect conditions for growth.

In order to prevent Toxic Molds from growing in your home you want to make sure that first and foremost your home is dry.  If you are aware of the conditions where Toxic Molds can grow then it will be easier for you to prevent Toxic Molds from causing your family from being sick.  The key to making sure your home is in good condition is prevention because it is always easier to prevent Toxic Molds then to rid them from your home. 

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