During the past two decades, the health problems associated with mold have been getting a great deal more media attention, increasing awareness of the potential health risks of mold. While mold is very common, there are certain strains that can be more problematic than others, particularly for the very young and the very old, making it important to familiarize yourself with toxic mold symptoms. That way, there’s a good chance that medical intervention can prevent lasting health problems.

The inhalation of mold spores is often the source of health problems and conditions related to mold. Thus, it is not surprising that many toxic mold symptoms have to do with the respiratory system. These symptoms include asthma, sinus headaches and nasal congestion, pulmonary hemorrhage, and chronic cough. An assortment of flu-like symptoms and an increased risk of tuberculosis have also been reported as being associated with exposure to toxic mold.

There are a variety of other symptoms that are also associated with exposure to mold. These toxic mold symptoms include fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, such as memory loss, hearing problems, skin rashes and other skin problems, and frequent or constant sore throat. Some studies have indicated that long-term cognitive problems can result.

Treating health problems relating to mold exposure can be complex and challenging. It is far easier to do your best to prevent them by getting rid of the mold. The basic way to get rid of mold is to clean the affected area with bleach and make the necessary changes to reduce or eliminate the moisture, whether condensation or an actual leak, that creates a hospitable environment for mold to grow.

If you are experiencing what could be toxic mold symptoms, it may be a good idea to do a thorough inspection of your home, checking for mold, and to seek medical attention. Toxic mold has been associated with a range of health problems, and some studies indicate that certain types of damage from toxic mold can have lasting effects on health and overall well-being.

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