In order to have a good quality of life in your home you need to make sure that your home is not making you sick.  There are mold spores everywhere and under the right circumstances the mold can reproduce and become a widespread infestation in your home.  Mold can begin to leak toxic liquid or gas resulting in mycotoxins which can become lethal to humans and animals.  You may not always be able to see the growth of mold in your home, but if you have toxic mold living with you then you will be able to see the effects reflected in the health of your family.

Toxic mold removal is essential if you want to stay in your home after you have discovered you are having mold problems.  Some signs that you are in need of toxic mold removal are found when your family begins to get sick.  Some people with weakened immune systems will show the affects of mold faster then well folks will.  If you have family members with asthma or on steroidal medication then theses are the folks that will become ill from mycotoxins first.  Chronic fatigue, respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms and skin infections are all signs that you have a mold problem in your home.

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