For those that are expecting to do some building in Texas in the near future, it may be a good idea to review relevant sections of the Texas building code, even if you are already familiar with it from past building projects. In recent years there have been a few changes to the Texas building code, particularly in the realm of energy conservation related building standards and codes.

In September of 2005, for example, new codes concerning building design and energy and water conservation came into effect. These new codes affect not only new construction, but also are to be applied in relevant renovations. Energy conservation has become a matter of increasing importance, and in many parts of the nation, local building codes are changing to help promote energy efficiency in an effort to conserve resources.

Texas building codes are based on a broad range of resources and studies, and local codes often take into consideration the particularities of the region. Some areas, for example, are more prone to serious windstorms, and the local building codes will contain differences from the standard Texas building code to accommodate the special building needs of the area necessary to ensure that buildings are as safe as possible and able to withstand local conditions.

Most state and local agencies responsible for setting and maintaining building standards and codes offer information online. That makes it much easier to track changes to the Texas building code, but it is always a good idea to follow up on the information obtained online to make sure that it is accurate and has not been recently changed.

The Texas building code helps to make sure that homes in Texas are as safe as possible, as well as efficiently designed. Even if you have built or renovated in Texas before, it is a good idea to review the Texas building code as it applies to your project and your region, as there have been several changes made during the past dew years.

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