Mold has been a home health problem for years and yet many people are still unaware of the possible health risk related to toxic mold. Testing for mold is surprisingly simple, but the problem often goes unaddressed because home owners don’t see the risk or don’t take the time and effort required to make sure testing is done right. Home owners also avoid testing for mold because the areas it affects aren’t the most highly trafficked areas in the household. Since many people use their attics and basements sparingly the threat of mold in those areas doesn’t seem like a real health concern. Testing for mold is important, so no matter where the threat may be make sure to test properly and keep your family safe.

Since humidity and warmth are perfect conditions for mold to grow be sure to check areas of the house that might be affected by moisture first. Take the time to eyeball different parts of the house that may be susceptible to mold since oftentimes if the problem is particularly bad you can see spots of dark mold. Once you have identified the problem you may need to call in a home inspection professional to access your particular situation. Professionals can identify just what kind of mold you are dealing with and what procedure is necessary to remove it from your home. Make sure your process of testing for mold is the most effective procedure to avoid wasting time.

Once you are ready to remove the mold you have several different options. There’s always the old standby of a damp rag, but if you want to make sure the mold problem is eliminated completely you might want to use a wet vacuum cleaner or a special HEPA vacuum. Both of these options are convenient but be sure to clean the vacuums before further use to avoid spreading mold spores and compounding the problem. Although mold can be a nuisance it isn’t difficult to remove. Testing for mold is the best way to keep your family safe.

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