If you have several cold-like symptoms and have been recently working around a mold-breeding environment you may be experiencing the symptoms of toxic mold. Oftentimes these symptoms are misread as feeling under the weather or catching a cold when they are in fact related to mold exposure. It is best to know the symptoms of toxic mold so you can recognize when you are dealing with ailments from exposure to mold and avoid situations that would make the symptoms worse. Some of the symptoms are less severe, like a sinus headache or dizziness but sometimes the symptoms get as serious as bleeding in the lungs.

One of the early signs of a health problem related to toxic mold is a headache. If you have been working in a basement area for a long period of time for example you might find yourself feeling dizzy or have pain or pressure in the sinus area behind the eyes. These are both symptoms of toxic mold and if you notice these symptoms you should contact your doctor and take care to avoid situations which require further exposure to the area or structure where you were originally affected by the mold. Although it may seem like common sense, the symptoms can become worse with increased exposure.

The more serious symptoms that can result from this increased exposure are bleeding of the lungs and an increased risk of tuberculosis. Thankfully if you know the symptoms and can recognize their effect symptoms like these can be treated quickly or avoided all together. The most important thing is to look out for symptoms of toxic mold early and not confuse those symptoms for other possible ailments. Keep in mind that mold of all kinds usually occurs in moist and warm areas and thus these kind of areas are the most likely to cause any symptoms of toxic mold. Staying informed about the symptoms and monitoring your personal health are some of the easiest personal prevention solutions.

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