Mold is caused when moisture, humidity, and decaying organic material create the environment for this fungus to thrive.  Feeding off of decaying matter, such as animal, leaves, and plants mold is spread through the air and by attaching itself to plants, animals, and clothing.  When the spores are transported, they in turn multiply, causing mold to become a very large problem in a very short amount of time.  Removing mold is the number one priority for anyone who has detected its presence in his or her home, office, or environment. In fact, removing mold is key to ensuring your health and well being.

Removing mold isn’t as difficult as it sounds.  There are numerous products and remedies available and most professionals recommend removing mold with simple household bleach.  The difficulty is not in finding products to use, it is in treating mold when it covers larger areas.  Sometimes, mold may spread so quickly that it invades an entire wall or ceiling, however it may be under the surface and not visible to the eye.  This is when removing mold can become challenging. In fact, the average homeowner, may find it nearly impossible to tackle this type of situation themselves, and will benefit greatly from contacting a professional.

When it comes to removing mold, one thing is key. You need to ensure that you remove all of it. If any mold is left, it will continue to multiply and grow and you will be facing the same problem as before.  Again, a professional may be the best one to help you determine how extensive the mold problem is.  If you have surface mold, you can easily remove it with a simple solution of bleach and water.  You should always wear gloves and a facemask when treating mold, to ensure that you do not breathe in any of the spores.  It is also a wise idea to open a window when cleaning mold with bleach.

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