Nearly one out of every fifteen homes has a level of radon that is found to be unacceptable by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Radon hold second place for causing lung cancer deaths. Smoking is the only thing that causes more lung cander.  If you want to keep your family safe then you should stop smoking and get radon monitors.  You will want to have radon monitors so that you know that your basement, which you are thinking of turning into a playroom, will not contaminate your children’s lungs.

Radon mostly comes from rock or soil under a home or business.  High air pressure under a building will push the radon gas up into the lower air pressure in your home.  Radon can easily come through cracks in floors and walls, joints in construction materials, gaps in suspended floors, gaps around pipes and wires in the building or it can be dissolved in well water.  Once the radon gets into the home it becomes concentrated and can be breathed in or can get into water and can be drunk. 

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests everyone use radon monitors in their homes below the third floor.  Radon monitors come where you can monitor the radon on a few days basis or a few months basis.  Radon monitors that work over a few months are a bit more accurate because radon can fluctuate under different weather conditions.  You want to make sure that you follow the directions on the radon monitors you choose so that you get an accurate test.

It is not possible to predict which homes will be susceptible to radon and which homes will not.  Radon levels can even vary from one building to the next even if they are right next to each other.  For the safety of your home, business and family you should run a radon test every year.

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