Radon has been detected in every state across the nation and it causes thousands of deaths every year, and it is also a major cause of lung cancer. You can buy a radon test kit to test your home for this deadly gas and if you do detect a large amount of radon you need to contact a professional to take care of the radon problem before it causes you and your family to become sick. Using an at home radon test kit is much easier than you think it would be and the directions can help if you have any problems, and it will also tell you what an abnormal radon reading would be. Radon is quite common because it comes from the ground and is caused by decomposing uranium which is found in almost all soil, so testing the soil around your house for radon gas is a very important place to use your radon test kit. Another place that you may get a strong radon reading is in the basement since that is underground in most cases.

Another source of radon around the home could be from your water if you use well water, so this is another place you will want to use your radon test kit on to make sure that your water is not contaminated by the deadly radon gas. A single use radon test kit will fit your needs if you only check every so often but if you have had a lot of radon problems in your home or neighborhood then you may want to consider a radon testing kit that monitors for radon 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This can save you the hassle of going around and testing different areas of your house and the best places to have these permanent radon monitoring kits is in places like your basement and your garage.

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