Radon is everywhere in the world we live in since it comes from naturally decaying uranium that is present in all kinds of dirt and rocks. You should test your house every six months or so to see if you have a problem with radon and if you do have large amount of the radioactive gas in the air you will need to hire a radon removal specialist or you can try to do it yourself with a radon removal kit from your local hardware store. After you perform the radon removal techniques you should retest the radon levels again after a couple days to make sure that all of the dangerous gas was removed. Since there is no way to detect the gas besides using a test it is very important to perform these tests yearly at the very least. This will help to ensure that you and your family are breathing good clean air.

Some of the radon removal devices you could install in your home are really just strong ventilation systems that will help to get the gas out of your home. Having proper air flow and ventilation will help get the gases out and help to keep them out. There are also numerous different kinds of pumps that will help and perform the same job as the airflow systems. Another good idea when you are going through the radon removal process is to seal up all the cracks and crevices in your basement, since this is where the majority of the radon in your home will come from, and the lower the basement is below ground, the higher the chances of radon leaking in. radon is a very radioactive and dangerous gas and prolonged exposure can make anyone really sick, but for small children it could be even worse since their lungs are not nearly as strong as an adults lungs.

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