Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that is formed by the breakdown of uranium.  This gas is very dangerous and can be found in soil, and can enter schools, homes, and other buildings.  Radon has been found in building all over the United States, so radon mitigation is extremely important in order to be sure it is removed from the environment.  This radioactive gas can cause serious lung damage, and even cancer if breathed in for long periods of time, so radon mitigation is an absolute must.  The most important key to getting rid of radon is first knowing where it exists.  Testing is the key to this process, and you can find radon testing kits at various retailers.  The kits are designed to find out the radon levels in the soil and buildings, and can indicate how severe the radon is at the test area.

Radon enters the home through cracks in the foundation, up through walls, and through porous holes.  Since it comes from the soil and is odorless and colorless, many people are not even aware of its existence.  Millions of homes in America have radon, but real radon mitigation only needs to take place in those homes with highly dangerous levels.  Qualified contractors can help you eliminate the radon from your home.  The problem is fixable, and in most cases, it can be solved in very little time once the radon has been located and identified.  You can find a good, qualified radon mitigation specialist by contacting the EPA for further information.  They maintain a list of the best radon removal specialists nationwide.  State offices also have this list available for you.  Active soil depressurization is the most common way to perform radon mitigation, and is the best way to remove the dangerous gas from the environment.  Simply sealing cracks is not enough.  Diligence is the key to making sure radon is no longer a threat to your home.

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