Radon is an invisible radioactive gas that is lethal.  However, what makes radon extremely dangerous is the fact that it is invisible.  You can’t see, smell, or even taste radon gas.  Without using a radon detector, you have no idea that it is present in your home. Radon is so dangerous that the Environmental Protection Agency has stated that radon is responsible for thousands of death each year.   Radon is the second highest factor that contributes to lung cancer this makes it a carcinogenic, or cancer causing agent.  As a natural gas, radon is found in outside soil, however when it is present in the home, people will continuously breathe in the dangerous gas without even realizing it.  The only way to find out if radon is in your home is to use a radon detector.

Using a radon detector kit is simple.  You can purchase them inexpensively and use them by following the instructions that are included with the kit.  Once you perform the test, you then send in the results back to the manufacturer and they will perform the analysis.
Testing for radon is one of the smartest things that a person can do to ensure that their home is safe for themselves and their children.

A radon detector kit can be used anywhere, not only in a home but in a place of business as well.  Testing for radon should be performed at least yearly.  If the radon detector analysis comes back positive, you will be able to easily remove the radon from your home.  Using a radon kit is very simple and it is the only way to determine if radon is present in your home or business.  No matter where you live, you should always check for radon in your home, since radon is abundant in all states.  Radon is dangerous and lethal, however it is preventable, as long as you detect it early.

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