A property inspection is done prior to the sale of a property to evaluate the soundness of a property. Property inspections are done by an objective party, who looks for visible signs of the structures soundness, and makes sure that the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems are working properly. The prospective buyer must contact and hire a licensed inspector who will recommend needed major repairs, identify the possibility of future problems, and recommend preventive measures to head off costly repairs in the future. The prospective seller may also conduct a property inspection so they are aware of any potential roadblocks to the sale of the home, and can make needed repairs that will enhance the value of the home, and also make it more desirable.

The main reason for property inspections is preventive. You should be sure that you know what you are buying. A home is the largest investment many of us will make in our lifetime, so it makes good financial sense to spend a few hundred dollars to hire a qualified professional to make sure your investment is sound. The inspector will issue a written report upon the completion of the property inspection.

At the beginning of most property inspections the inspector will look at home’s roof, exterior siding, and foundation. Then they move to the interior looking at the basement, bathroom, and kitchen as well as the condition of the walls and ceiling. The mechanical system such as the hot water heater, furnace and air conditioning unit are tested for functionality, as well as age and condition. The plumbing is checked for water pressure and leaks, and the electrical system to ensure the service can handle the load, and meets current code.

There are no perfect houses, so property inspections are a good idea periodically, much as a person would get a physical examination to ward off potential problems down the road. Think of them as insurance against future financial calamity.

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