A homeowner who was selling her home for the first time got a first hand lesson on the mechanics of real estate transactions. Right off the bat, she got confused between a real estate appraiser and a property inspector.

She was reminded by a well-meaning friend that both had different functions and while real estate appraisers have been known for their ability to raise the value of a home based on aesthetics and market prices, the property inspector could be your most valuable friend in the long run.

Why? The answer may lie in the question posed to home-owners of what they preferred- would they like a house that was simply aesthetically pleasing or structurally sound? Choosing the latter of course makes common sense because aesthetics has a shelf life, but good structural foundations could last for generations. A property inspector has the nitty- gritty task of ensuring that the structural foundations are as strong as they should be.

If you have ever undergone a thorough and intensive general executive-check up, then your home should get one too by way of an experienced property inspector. Do not believe that you could do this yourself; inspectors use special equipment as well as certain standards to detect structural anomalies and defects that laymen are not privy to. And besides, a property inspection certification done by a professional is legally required if you are planning to sell your home.

A property inspector should be thorough and by the time the inspection is done, you would have a more accurate structural profile of every part and component of your home, from your roof, basement, your electrical and heating systems, plumbing and air conditioning. More important answers could be raised on crucial issues such as possible safety and health hazards.

Homeowners who have gone through property inspection for the first time often express their relief by affirming the saying; a house indeed should have more than just pretty windows.

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