Whenever you are planning to sell your home or if you are looking to buy a house you are going to have to have a property inspection done. When you first list your house with a realtor they will usually come and do a property inspection and a property appraisal. After this is done and your house goes onto the market you will have people looking at it and if someone likes it they will also send an inspector that they have hired to come and check out the house. This property inspection is paid for by the potential buyer and when they are at this point they are obviously very interested. All properties have to be inspected when they are being built first of all, then there is the property inspection that the realty company will have done before they agree to help you sell the house. Most realty companies will make you repair the problems with the house before they will help you sell it, and if you do not have the money to do the repairs some realtors may not even work with you, and if they do the appraisal of the house will be quite low.

It is important to have a private property inspection done every so many years though to make sure your house is still safe, because sometimes things will happen that you might not even notice, such as the foundation cracking or old wiring falling apart and corroding. There are so many houses that are hundreds of years old, and things deteriorate after so many years, so it is really common sense to have things checked out with a good thorough property inspection, really once every 5 years or so would be good and it would help you always have the piece of mind knowing that you and your entire family are safe.

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