Like all other US states, Ohio has enacted laws requiring building construction projects that occur within its state boundaries to meet or exceed the standards established by the legislature.  The Ohio building code is based on the Internatinal Building Code (IBC) model that is fairly standard across the nation.

The Ohio building code addresses the design, materials, safety, and building practices that work interactively for the construction industry in the state.  These codes are vital information for everyone working in the building construction industry as well as for those working in complementary industries, such as real estate, housing, and tenancy.

Standards for mechanical systems are defined in the Ohio building code books.  The standards detail the acceptable materials and design requirements that must be met for systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); plumbing, water, wastewater, and sewage; as well as fire prevention and protection.

As is standard across most of the country, Ohio building code books address safety standards pertaining to traffic flow within a particular building.  Elevator and escalator systems must meet or exceed state requirements and all stairways and stairwells must do the same.

There are different Ohio building code regulations for residential and commercial construction projects.  Each type of building code is designed with the specific needs of the particular building construction industry in mind.

The needs of the environment as well as of the people are considered in the Ohio building code books.  Since the state orders the Great Lakes region, the environment of this ecologically sensitive part of the country is a key factor in establishing building codes along the lake shores.

Ohio building code standards must also consider the proximity of the state to Canada.  Building standards along the international border are designed so there is minimal impact to Canada.

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