When a person is dealing with any kind of real estate in the city of New York, whether it is residential or commercial, it is a good idea to be familiar with the New York City building code, or to hire someone who is. There are many different rules and regulations that must be followed when building a new structure, renovating an older structure, renting a housing unit, or simply residing in a home. Failure to comply with these statues can be prove inconvenient at the best, or very expensive at the worst.

During new construction projects, the entire process will be governed by the New York City building code. From breaking ground to the finishing details, there will be a city inspector involved with the project to ensure that the progress satisfies all of the applicable city codes. If a builder is not familiar with the code, and makes a mistake, the results can be expensive. The inspector has the power to order mistakes fixed, he has the power to stop a job if the contractor will not comply, and, finally, fines could even be levied against the contractor.

Compliance with the New York City building code will be monitored by an inspector anytime a building is remodeled, as well, and there additional rules for these projects. For instance, when there are hazardous materials in an older structure, they will have to be removed during the renovation process. Any plumbing, heating, and electrical systems that are not up to code, even if they were according to an older code, will have to brought into compliance with modern standards.

Before renting out an apartment, the New York City building code dictates that the unit must first be inspected for safety and compliance with codes. Any problems must be fixed before a rental certificate is granted. Finally, a person who owns a home will also have to examine the rules before any large repairs are made. The New York City building code is designed to ensure that all buildings meet certain safety requirements, so it is advisable that it be followed as closely as possible.

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