One of the most important people one will meet during the process of building or buying a house is the new home inspector. Before the mortgage is signed, this person will ensure that the house is in good condition, and that any repairs or upgrades that are needed will not come as a surprise. Whether the home is new or used, failing to have it inspected can potentially cost the new buyer thousands of dollars, if a problem is found later on.

The new home inspector will take a detailed look at all areas of the house, inside and outside. All of the basic structures, such as the roof, floors, and walls will be inspected for correct construction, and any possible damages. The plumbing, heating, and electrical systems will be examined to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently. If any problems are found with the building, the new home inspector will make a detailed list of the issues, and he can also estimate the costs of the repairs that are recommended.

Based on the information from the new home inspector, certain changes can be made to the mortgage contract. A buyer can demand that the problems be fixed before the mortgage process continues, so that the house is ready to be occupied immediately after closing. Alternatively, the buyer may negotiate a lower price on the house, and have the repairs done after the purchase.

In the end, an examination of the home by a reputable new home inspector is well worth the negligible cost. There are many different agencies available to do a home inspection, so it is a good idea to do some research to find one of the better ones. Recommendations from other homeowners and realtors can help to narrow the field. In addition, the customer can also ask the new home inspector for a list of references before the person is hired.

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