Before you move into any new home, you should have a new home inspection performed on the house.  A house inspection will be performed by a trained building inspector and will check to insure that the house conforms to the building code and is safe for the future occupants.  The construction of a house is often contracted out to the lowest builder, which may mean substandard quality.  A building inspector will be able to point deficiencies out to the future home owner so they can have the home builder correct it.

A new home inspection will cover many different aspects of your house such as plumbing, electrical and the structural integrity of your house.  There are many things that you may not know about, such as the recommended thickness of your house foundation that a building inspector will quickly notice.  Many home inspectors have inspected thousands of houses in their careers and they have learned where the construction problems often occur.

If you’re looking for some assistance in choosing a new home inspector you might consider asking a friend or relative who they used to inspect their own home.  If you get a recommendation but still aren’t convinced they are a good inspector you could ask the inspector for some references of past clients.  When talking to the inspector ask about any licenses they hold relating to building inspections.  You should also ask for a time estimate for the inspection.  A typical inspection lasts 3 to 5 hours.  When you schedule your new home inspection you should make sure you have plenty of time yourself so you can attend the inspection and keep notes on any findings by the inspector.  Any shortcomings should be brought up to the home builder who can correct the problems. 

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