If your house has mold you may never see it.  Your family may come down with illnesses such as lung infections and skin infections and you will not be able to understand why.  Not until there is a spike in humidity or a flood or leak will the mold show itself on the outside of your walls.  If you were to use a mold testing kit at least once a year you would be able to track the cause of infection and clean up your home creating a better environment for your family.

Mold testing kits will be able to tell you where there is an outbreak of mold in your home.  Mold feeds off of drywall, cardboard, dust mites and other fibers.  Since there are mold spores everywhere you may not be able to detect a problem.  It will not be until a humidity spike in the atmosphere that you will see the mold.  What happens during a humidity spike it that there is humidity condensing into liquid on the walls of your home and if there happens to be poor ventilation the mold will feed and rapidly multiply. 

It is easier to see the mold appear after a flood or leak because there is damage done to the house itself.  In areas of water damage you will be able to tell if an area should be treated with bleach.  When there is water damage you will be more likely to air out the affected area and make sure it dries well.  Hidden mold in the home is what you do not see and are unable to smell and these areas are best discovered by mold testing kits.

You will find that many mold testing kits are very easy to use.  There are options out there to have mold testing kits that work by the day and mold testing kits that work for a few months up to a year at a time.  The more active you are at preventing the mold in your home the healthier your family will be.

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