Because of toxic black mold Maryland is cautioning residents to be on the lookout and to clean house immediately.  Mold is a microscopic fungus that typically grows in large colonies that appear like fluffy or fuzzy masses, ranging in color from white to blue-green or black. Molds can be useful in many ways to both humans and the natural environment, although we usually think of it as a negative occurrence. For example, molds play a role in the growth of certain kinds of cheese as well as in penicillin, one of mankind’s most useful medicines. Most molds are filamentous, made up of living thread-like structures that grow by the division of cells. These structures also produce spores that enter the environment through surrounding air and water and are often inhaled by humans and animals. 

The mold Maryland officials are warning residents about however is not of the beneficial breed.  Toxic black mold is responsible for numerous complications including: destruction of brain tissue, abdominal pain, altered immunity, cancer, central nervous system dysfunction, hemorrhage, frequent migraines, depression, seizures, and dementia among many other lessor and more serious conditions have been linked to toxic black mold poisoning and eventually death for many victims.

When finding mold Maryland officials from the Office of Environmental Health say not to panic  if you suspect that you have toxic black mold but to cover up you skin and wear a mask before attempting to clean and remove it from the affected area.  If you are not comfortable cleaning it yourself, you could always hire a certified mold specialist to remove and test the mold at your expense.  Because of the publicity lent unto the public about he dangers of mold Maryland residents have also jumped on the mold lawsuit bandwagon in the last few years.  Maryland officials say that the best way to combat mold is to prevent it by sealing any air leaks and having regular maintenance performed on plumbing that may leak or rust and by keeping a fresh and clean living environment.

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