Got black mold? Well, if you’re coughing and wheezing and you have a severe skin rash, you may have a good case for considering options for mold lawsuits.  However, if your problems are not mold-related, you’re wasting time and money.

The first step, if you’re thinking about mold lawsuits, is to determine that your health and house problems are definitely mold related. You’ll want to make a doctor visit and have the doctor rule out non-mold related illnesses. Next, get a mold inspection professional’s opinion on the severity and type of mold present.  A mold test should be performed to determine the severity and type of mold that exists. There are different types of mold tests; it’s best to measure both surface and air mold.  Mold collection varies, but a good mold inspection professional should be able to take both surface and air samples, as well as know how different mold types appear under a microscope.  (There are wide disparities in experience among mold inspectors, since mold inspection certification programs vary.)  Be sure that your mold inspector is experienced as well as certified; check with others to see if they’ve had any good experience with mold inspectors.  This may also give you a chance to see if other people in your development have had mold issues. If mold problems are widespread in your neighborhood, this may also indicate that  mold lawsuits have great potential to get the builder or developer to pay for damages.

If the evidence points to serious mold problems (definite presence of mold, health problems, problems in similar houses built by the same builder) then it may be worthwhile to consider mold lawsuits.  In order to avoid risking money unnecessarily, it may be a good idea to hire a lawyer who only gets paid if she wins (assuming your settlement would be big enough to cover your legal costs and your repairs).  You avoid upfront legal costs, but will lose a large chunk of the settlement money to your lawyer.  But if mold has caused you and your family serious problems, a good case for mold lawsuits can be made. Talk to a good lawyer (or more than one) to really get a good idea of the likelihood of winning mold lawsuits.

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