Serious mold problems in the home require that the mold be eliminated entirely. Black mold can cause severe health problems for your family, and can do a great amount of damage to your home. Mold spores that are allowed to dry and become airborne are an irritant to skin, lungs and eyes. Because of this you will want to find an effective mold killer to eradicate the threat.

Mold killers come in a variety of forms. Vinegar is a natural and effective mold killer. Use undiluted white distilled vinegar applied with a spray bottle, applied directly to the affected area. Do not rinse immediately, allow the vinegar to penetrate and do its work for a few days, and then clean the dead mold with soap and water, and dry the area completely. Failure to dry may allow the mold to grow again. 

Another effective mold killer is an ozone-generating machine. You need to shock the area with a very high application of ozone. The ozone concentration levels needed to be an effective mold killer are so high; that it is not safe for humans to be present while the room is being treated. If multiple areas of your home are affected, begin in the basement, and work your way up. Allow the treatment to go for several hours, then return, shut down the machine, ventilate the area, and vacuum up the dead spores using a HEPA vacuum. It is recommended you repeat the process the following day. This method is also effective removing the odor associated with mold.

Another natural, and effective mold killer is hydrogen peroxide. This mold killer works almost immediately by depriving the mold spores of the basics need to grow. As with the other mold killers, apply directly to the area, and allow it to work for several days. Clean the mold spores with soap and water rinse and thoroughly dry the area. Large or stubborn areas may require a second treatment.

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