If you have a very mild case of mold, clean up may not be too much of a problem.  However, severe mold clean up can be very challenging, and may necessitate professional help. 

First, examine your mold carefully. Note if there seems to be more than one type of mold present (a visual inspection can sometimes tell you this) or if the mold is blackish-green and slimy.  If so, you may have conditions that are especially favorable to mold, and it may have spread to places you can’t see.  In this situation, it is best to hire a professional mold remediation company, which can tell you how bad the problem really is and provide options for dealing with it.  Mold clean up sometimes demands additional precautions such as masks and tyvek suits, if the mold is particularly toxic or widespread.  Since it can cause severe respiratory problems or skin rashes, it’s best to avoid cleaning up a severe mold problem without professional help.  Your family may even be required to evacuate, depending on where the mold is located and how prevalent it is.

If you have a minor mold problem (just a few spots on a bathroom or basement ceiling, for instance) it is possible to attempt mold clean up yourself.  Scrub the surface with a diluted bleach solution, carefully scraping the mold away.  Then, consider re-priming the area with a mold and mildew-killing primer. (Wear a mask for this, as you may inhale mold spores, bleach fumes, or primer fumes).

Be sure that you aren’t creating a playground for mold. Mold clean up includes preventing future mold cases with dehumidifying the area, especially if you live in a humid climate.

If the mold reappears after this, it is an indication of a potential health hazard. Call your local mold professional for evaluation and treatment.

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