Most people do not think about mold when it comes to their home’s overall health.  The unfortunate fact is that mold can affect people of all ages, and often comes on unannounced.  Some people simply experience an allergic reaction, while others may have much more severe symptoms.  Regardless of the type of symptoms a person feels, it’s important to remove mold from your home if you find it.  With a mold test, you can find out what strains of mold may be living in your home, and if you have a serious problem or just a mild one.  You can buy your own mold test at many home improvement stores, online, or via other mail order methods.  The basic method for an in home mold test is to get a sample of either the air where mold may be present, or a sample of the material that may have mold on it.  Most test kits ask that you keep the sample for a 48 hour incubation period before sending it off to be tested.

When you send your mold test kit off, it will arrive at a laboratory where it can be further examined.  Usually in a matter of days you will receive a report listing the types of mold found, and their impact on your health.  At this point once the mold test is completed it is time to take proactive steps to removing it from your home.  It is important to know what strain of mold you have so you can take the proper steps towards eliminating it.  Mold has been known to cause all kinds of respiratory problems as well as mood swings, headaches, dizziness, and nose and throat irritation, to name a few.  With a mold test kit, you can discover what types of mold exist in your home so you can get rid of them and keep your family safe.

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