Mold spores tend to form in areas that tend to be humid and damp and they are formed from dead and decaying vegetation and other natural plant materials and soil. Once a mold spore forms they can travel through the air until they find nice wet and warm place to land and begin to form mold. Mold is one of the leading causes of allergies and certain molds can even make some people extremely sick if they are very sensitive. Usually mold spores do not get into people’s houses but they can if you have open windows and somewhere wet for them to begin breeding. Once mold spores are found it is important to remove them immediately to avoid becoming sick and some things will probably even need to be thrown out if they become covered in mold or mildew. A lot of times you might be able to get rid of it fairly easily but sometimes it might be best to hire a mold specialist, especially if the mold keeps coming back.

Indoor mold can also have a really bad effect on people with asthma and it can also cause many other health problems. When mold spores and mildew begin to grow indoors you can usually smell the strange odor it gives off and you can usually see it unless it is hidden behind a couch or in a closet. One thing you can do to help battle against mold and mildew in your home is using a HEPA vacuum cleaner when cleaning your rugs and also make sure you always put dry clothing in your closet, because damp clothing can attract mildew as well. Mold is a natural occurrence though and it is quite common for mold to find a breeding ground in your home, whether it gets on damp clothing or furniture as just mildew or if it starts to get on your bathroom walls due to the humidity. Bleach and water can take care of the walls but many times the furniture and clothing can be totally ruined, unless you catch it immediately. Most of the time you are not going to have to worry about your carpeting and furniture getting soaked, unless you live in a high flood area and if that is the case you want to be sure to have flood insurance.

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