High mold spore levels have become a serious problem for many homeowners, causing a variety of health issues ranging from mild allergic reactions to life threatening illnesses and infections. Mold will grow in any moist area, such as damp basement floors or around leaky pipes. As the mold grows, it releases mold spores into the air of the house that are then inhaled by its occupants. Any mold found in the home must be removed thoroughly to put an end to such contamination, and damp areas must be dried to prevent a recurrence of mold growth.

For those with mold sensitivity, mold spore contamination can be very irritating, causing sneezing, congestion, and even skin rashes. Asthma sufferers often react to mold spores, making breathing more difficult and attacks more frequent. A few mold varieties can cause health issues even in people who are not allergic, releasing toxins into the air as they begin to grow and multiply. Some mold varieties are capable of producing toxins that are extremely harmful, causing chronic bronchitis, heart related problems, hearing loss, and bleeding in the lungs.

A homeowner who is confronted with a small area of mold growing in the home can often remove it safely with common household detergents and chlorine bleach. Hard surfaces can be thoroughly scrubbed and dried, effectively putting an end to the mold spore contamination. Often, moldy wallboard or ceiling tiles will need to be discarded and replaced. A protective mask should be worn while removing mold to prevent the inhalation of spores, and rubber gloves should be used.

Mold can grow in areas that are not accessible for cleaning, such as inside walls or under cabinets or flooring materials. Generally, a musty odor will become apparent in the home as these hidden problems develop. This type of problem can be the source of significant mold spore contamination within the home, and may require the assistance of a mold removal specialist to resolve.

While serious mold problems can be quite a chore to handle, getting rid of this fungus in your home is essential. Avoiding the health risks that can be the result of high mold spore levels in the home are well worth the investment of your time and money.

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