Have you ever walked into a home that instantly has a mold smell?  Well, chances are that that mold smell is coming from wet and moisture rich areas of the home.  Mold thrives in dark, wet places, and can come into a home and start growing without anyone even noticing. 

Mold can a nuisance and can also be harmful to peoples health. Mold can cause people to have respiratory problems like asthma , nose infections, and even cause people to have irritable bowel syndrome.  Mold, and therefore the mold smell, grows when little spores travel into a home and latch on the a moist surface.  While everyone hates that muggy, mold smell, there are some ways to prevent the mold smell, and the mold altogether. 

One way to prevent mold growth is to keep the home dry.  It is important not to let water build up anywhere, even on the floor because mold can grow underneath flooring and then it is extremely time consuming and expensive to redo a floor.  Another way to keep out the mold smell is to use air conditioners and dehumidifiers in the warm months so that water and moisture do not build up within the home.  This creates a dry living space that is definitely not mold smell friendly.  Still another way to prevent mold from growing is to wash shower curtains and tile flooring on a regular basis so that moisture doesn’t build up and cause mold to grow. When mold attached itself to fabrics such as shower curtains or drapes, it becomes extremely hard, if not impossible to get off.  Therefore, shower curtains should be washed with bacteria eliminating cleansers and drapes should be washed in warm water, preferably with a bleach filled cleanser.   With proper precautions, that annoying mold smell can easily be eliminated.

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