Mold can infect your home and you might not even know it is there.  Mold can be toxic and deadly in extreme situations, and the longer it is allowed to sit, the worse it can become.  Since it spreads rapidly, the mold removal process must be followed as carefully as possible.  There are several steps involved in mold removal.  First, it’s essential to contain the mold to one area in order to keep it from spreading to other areas of the home (or building).  Next, you obviously want to kill the mold.  This can be done by using a variety of different chemicals, and it will depend on what strain of mold you are facing.  Third, once the mold has been killed, you will want to remove the dead mold from all areas.  Finally, prevention is the key to ensuring that you will not have a recurrence of this nasty pest in the future.  For those who would like to perform the mold removal themselves, you can purchase a home mold testing kit from most large home improvement stores.  This kit will help to identify what kind of mold you have growing in your home. 

It is important when conducting mold removal to remember that some molds are highly toxic, particularly when you breathe in the spores.  That being said, be sure you wear protective gloves and a mask so you are not touching or breathing in the mold.  Also, wear clothing you will most likely be able to dispose of when you’re finished with the mold removal.  This will help prevent it from re-spreading later on.  Some people think they can simply paint over mold, but this is not the case.  Mold must be killed before it can be controlled and removed.  Using the proper treatments can help ensure that this nasty element is effectively and permanently taken out of your home.

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