For home owners, nothing can raise more issues than finding a mold problem. Whether you are buying or selling a home it is important to check for a mold problem and know how to deal with it properly. It is best for buyers to know what to look for and sellers to know who is responsible for fixing the problem.

Much debate is still being discussed over the health risk posed by mold. There is always mold in the environment and only some people are affected by it. For some with allergies or respiratory problem it only takes a small amount of mold to cause a problem. The symptoms of mold can range from mild stuffiness and headache to severe cases that include fever, shortness of breath and infections of the lungs.

When you are looking for a home you should focus your attention on where water is used or where it can leak into the house. Previous problems with water leaks can be indicated by a musty, damp odor. Common places for mold to grow include bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry room. Check for water on top of a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, a leaking faucet, signs of the toilet overflowing or sweating and water stains on the ceiling or walls. It is also a good idea to examine the roof, doors, windows, skylights and any carpeting.

It is also important that you ask the right questions when looking for a home. Ask if the house has sat vacant or if it has been used as a rental property. These types of homes may have been neglected. Many renters overlook things like changing the furnace filter or making sure water doesn’t collect in the air conditioner drain pan. Also if people avoid using the air conditioning because of cost can cause humidity to build up in a home.

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