Many homes that are located in damp or moist areas are often plagued by unsightly and unhealthy mold mildew.  Mold mildew is formed when tiny spores float through the air and into people’s homes and land on wet and moist areas.  These areas are prime growth areas for mold mildew and in a short period of time, the mold will grow exponentially.  Mold can be quite unhealthy if left to grow, and can cause illnesses such as breathing infections, asthma, nose infections, fevers, memory loose, and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Mold is also very unpleasing to the eye and can cause great concern if someone is trying to sell a home that has mold mildew spots.  Because of this it is important to remove any mold mildew from wet surfaces of the house, and the replace the molded sections of wall or ceiling with dry, untainted materials.  While mold can be removed by the everyday homeowner, it is important to take proper health precautions such as wearing a mask, and disposing of the materials in a proper manner.  For mold mildew areas that are larger that a ten square foot area, it is probably a good idea.

It is quite easy to manage or even to eliminate mold mildew growth within home if several things are taken into consideration.  One thing that a homeowner can do is to remove all possible moisture from areas that are prove to moisture in the home.  This can be done by opening the windows to let moisture out and fresh, dry air in.  Another thing that can be done is to maintain the pipes and waterways in the home so that the water stays in the pipes and that the water does not reach any surfaces where mold could grow. With the proper care and attentive removal, mold mildew can be removed and hopefully banned from a home forever.

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