If you feel that you’ve been exposed to mold due to negligence of another party, you may want to get a mold lawyer and take them to court over it.  Often mold just causes symptoms similar to an allergic reaction how there are more toxic molds that can make you extremely ill and can even cause death.

If you work indoors, you’ll probably be exposed to the same air for long periods at a time.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however if your air is polluted by mold spores it could be a very serious problem.  Mold can begin growing in the ventilation system or near an air intake and poison the air of an entire building.  This is one of the many causes of ‘sick building syndrome’ in which occupants of entire buildings all fall ill at once with similar symptoms.  If the mold was caused by negligence of your company you may want to see a mold lawyer to see if your entitled to lost pay or health care.

If you rent a part of a building to work in or to live in, you often don’t have access to other areas of the building like the attic or the basement.  These are two prime locations where mold likes to grow due to the damp atmosphere.  If left unnoticed, mold can grow to the point of consuming entire walls.  Even if the mold is only a non toxic species you will most likely be forced out of the building while a specialized crew is brought in to remove the mold.  This may entitle you to part of your rent back or money from your landlord due to lost productivity.  By contacting a mold lawyer you can find out just what your options are.

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