Mold can lead to serious health consequences, therefore it is very important that your business have a mold inspector come and regularly check for the presence of mold.  When many people share an office and work together, it is very easy for germs and viruses to spread from one person to another.  Mold is a fungus that thrives on moisture.  Typically, businesses that use air conditioning may be inviting mold to grow and spread through the building via the air ducts.  Therefore a mold inspector can help ensure that there is no mold present, or stop a serious outbreak before it occurs.

A mold inspector will use various testing kits to detect the presence of mold in a building.  If mold is present, he or she will have a report readily available that will detail the type of mold found and will advise you on how best to treat the problem.  Many times, office illnesses can be traced back to the presence of mold, and it is a health hazard not to remove mold and take steps to prevent it from returning.

You should make certain that you choose a certified mold inspector as well.  Ensuring that the mold inspector is certified will let you know that you are dealing with an expert who is thoroughly educated and informed in mold detection and removal.  Just treating localized areas of mold by yourself is not enough.  If you are running or managing an office building, you need to ensure that a certified mold inspector checks the building and that the safety and well being of the employees is the first priority.  Many employers may balk at the cost of hiring a mold inspector, but when compared to the amount of lost revenue when an entire office is sick due to mold, the cost of prevention far outweighs the total of lost profits.

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