Have you ever gone looking for a new home and notice that there is mold growing in corners of rooms and on ceilings?  Well, it might be worse than it seems.  Mold is a somewhat harmful organic substance that is produced in the wild to dissolve and help disintegrate old leaves and trees.  Once the spores of the mold travel into a home, they attach themselves to a wet or moist surface and begin to grow quiet fast. 

Many people choose to have mold inspections done on their potential new homes so that they are not faces with a large amount of clean up once they purchase the home.  Many people are thankful that they have had  mold inspections done because they know the potential health risks caused by mold growth.  Mold in the home can cause several health problems such as respiratory problems like asthma, nasal infections, lung infections, depression, and even irritable bowel syndrome.  Because of these potential health risks, it is important for people to have mold inspections done on homes they plan on purchasing.

Mold inspections are done very thoroughly and the inspectors are trained to look for mold in places other than where the potential homeowners would look for the mold.  For example, mold commonly grows on garage walls where things tend to be damp, but the home inspectors also check hard to reach air ducks, crawl spaces, and attics.  It is important for home inspectors to check these places because not only are they hard places for the homeowners to see, they are also the places where mold is most likely to grow and can spread rapidly if not found at an early stage. While mild can look like a nuisance to clean, it is actually a fairly simple process, as long as the right health measures such as wearing a mask or disposing the materials in a safe manner are taken.

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