Many homeowners face the challenges for protecting their homes against the natural elements such as storms, floods, and fire, but many homeowners forget to take precautions against another organic element that is mold in the house.  The problem of mold in house is that it can often spread rapidly and cause a large amount of damage and cost a large amount of money if not tended to in a timely fashion.  Mold in house can cause quiet a few health problems to the people that live in the homes, and over time, the health concerns can become greater.  Some of the health risks that can be cause by mold in house include, but are not limited to, respiratory problems like asthma and lung infections, runny noses, headaches, memory look, irritable bowel syndrome, and flu like symptoms.  Because of these problems, it is important to check the homes for mold damage quite regularly. 

Mold in house occurs when small, micro sized spores blow into a home through a window or door, and then land in a moisture, wet, and often dark spot.  These conditions are great places for mold to land and it often grows rapidly as soon as the spores com in contact with the wet conditions.

Mold removal is not that difficult if caught early, however it is important to follow the proper health procedures so that the mold growth doe not make the homeowner sick.  It is important to wear a mask over the mouth and to dispose of the molded dry wall or other material that has become contaminated by the mold.  For areas that are over ten square feet, it is a good idea to contact a professional to removal the mold in house so that the homeowners do not cause more damage then necessary to the home. 

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