Many homes, especially older homes are often subject to a mold in house situation. Moisture and dark places allows mold to grow and cause many problems besides the obvious unpleasant look to a moldy wall. Some of the health concerns that can come from mold in home are respiratory problems such as asthma and infections, eye irritations such as burning sensation or red eyes, perpetual coughing, throat and nose irritation, rashes, irritable bowel syndrome, muscle and joint aches, and food intolerance or food allergies. These are some but definitely not all of the problems that can come from mold in home or in the garage.

While many people observe mold in the home, not many people know why it is there. The truth is that there is mold everywhere because it is part of the natural environment. When mold is found outside, it breaks down organic matter like trees and leave, but mold in home is much more dangerous and can cause a variety of annoying problems for people who come in contact with it. Mold usually begins to grow when the tiny spores become in contact with wet surfaces in the home, usually beginning is places such as the garage or the attic.

Mold in homes can be cleaned by preferably by a professional, but could be cleaned by the home owner, so long as they take proper precautions.  The first step of cleaning up mold in house is to clean and remove all of the spots infected with mold.  Then next step is to dry all of the areas where there is mold in home and put all of the infected materials into a bag to through out.  It is important to where a mask when removing mold to prevent inhalation of the mold.  Also, if the molded area seems rather large, for example, if the area of mold in home is larger than a 10 square foot radius, it is important to have a professional remove the mold so that serious home damage does not occur.

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