Mold growth is a fairly common problem that will probably occur in everyone’s homes at least one time throughout their ownership of the home.  While every house can be faced with mold growth, it often occurs in older homes that are more susceptible to moisture and water, two things that are the leading causes in mold growth. 

Now why is mold growth a problem?  Well,  besides the obvious fact that it is unappealing to the homeowners and definitely a cause for concern for any potential home buyers if the home was to ever be for sale, the mold growth is also very unsafe for people’s health.  Mold growth develops in people’s homes when tiny spores, spores so small that they can not be seen by the human eye, drift into homes and land on wet or moist surfaces.  These surfaces are the perfect breading grounds for mold and it can grow at a very rapid rate. 

Mold growth causes many things, some of which are respiratory problems like asthma and other lung infections, irritated eyes, dry coughs, throat and nose irritations, memory impairment, and irritable bowl syndrome.  Because of these potential health risks, it is important for homeowners to remove mold growth as soon as they can.

Mold growth can be removed by professionals or by the homeowners as long as the homeowners take the proper precautions like wearing a mask while removing the mold and disposing of the mold in the correct manor.  While minor cases of mold growth can usually be removed easily, it is important to contact a professional when dealing with larger modeled areas.

It is a good idea for homeowners to check their home for mold growth areas every few years so that they can catch the mold before it has the chance to spread and become a serious and expensive problem.  By keeping a home clean and rid of moisture and water, people should be able to control and hopefully eliminate mold grow in the future.

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