The easiest way to control mold inside a building is to prevent it from ever growing in the first place.  Mold is always present in the atmosphere and filtering it totally from entering a building can be an expensive endeavor.  Imagine the loaf of bread you have in your kitchen.  No matter how air tight you try to keep the bag, as long as the food for the mold is present, the mold will eat it.  Mold loves to grow in wet areas so for you to have mold control you’ll want to make sure that any leaks or spills are quickly repaired and cleaned.

In order to control mold you should do frequent inspections of your building to make sure that no problem areas are forming.  Any leaks in the roof or drips from a plumbing pipe are prime locations for mold to start growing.  By carefully making sure that there are no environments that the mold likes to grow in, you can drastically cut down on any mold related problems you suffer.

If you do notice an area of mold growing it’s important to keep the mold under control and prevent it from spreading.  Find out where the source of moisture is as soon as possible and have a repair crew fix the problem.  Once the source of moisture is removed you can tackle the problem of controlling and killing the mold.  If the area is small, under roughly 10 square feet you should be able to take care of the problem.  Larger areas however should be taken care of by mold control professionals.  Killing mold consists of thoroughly scrubbing all of the affected areas with soap and water to remove all of the mold.  Any removable objects with the mold on it should be wrapped in tight plastic and thrown out.  After you remove the mold you may need to repaint the area because of discoloration from the mold.

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