Although Connecticut is a beautiful state, its temperate weather can lead to so rather serious mold problems. Summer heat and humidity causes some mold Connecticut is particularly susceptible too. This is why you should always take steps to ensure that your home isn’t vulnerable to a mold problem. Some kinds of molds cause serious health issues, ranging from asthma to bleeding lungs, and oftentimes home owners are not aware of the potential threat that mold brings. Luckily there are plenty of simple options for removing a mold threat. If you take these simple precautions you can make sure that the worst mold Connecticut is known for doesn’t affect your home.

First, be sure to check areas around the house that are prone to mold growth. The mold Connecticut is known for often grows in the basements and attics of the Colonial homes in the state. Sometimes detecting mold is as simple as looking for it around the house using the naked eye. Many types of mold are dark in color and can be detected easily. It is best to use a flashlight for the type of observation to make sure you don’t miss any mold due to poor lighting in the room your are investigating.

Second, once you have found evidence of mold it is important to remove it from the house entirely. There are ways to kill off the mold and prevent it from growing further, but to fully remove the health risks involved with mold growth you must remove all mold from the house. This can be done several ways, although the simplest way is to use a damp cloth. The dampness of the cloth makes sure that it gathers mold from the affected area without kicking up particles of mold into the air. Causing the mold spores to become airborne is the last thing you want, so be sure that the mold and the cloth are wet before removing the specimen of mold. Mold Connecticut is known for is easy to clean up if you follow these steps.

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