Mold can enter a home very quickly, and can spread even more rapidly once it’s been established.  If you find yourself with a mold problem, remember that there are effective mold cleaning methods available to you that should not only kill the mold, but allow you to remove it completely from your home.  The first thing you should do when performing a mold cleaning is check and stop all leakage or wet areas in the home.  Since mold thrives on moisture, you should locate the source of the problem and then try to stop it.  Dehumidifiers can be a big help in this process.  Next you’ll want to keep the mold spores from spreading to other areas of the home, so seal off the perimeter in order to prevent that from happening.  Otherwise, the mold may move through the air into other rooms without you realizing it. 

During the mold cleaning process, try not to stir up too much dust if possible.  This can push the mold into cracks or through holes and allow it to settle down and spread in new areas.  Also, protect yourself from breathing it in by wearing a mask and gloves.  It is also recommended that footwear stay sealed and covered, otherwise the mold may be transferred to flooring from your shoes.  Once you’ve finished the mold cleaning, simply dispose of the mask and any other protective covering.  Some items you can use during the mold cleaning include strong disinfectants, bleach, and other potent detergents.  All of these should kill any mold spores that are thriving.  Once you remove the mold, try to get it out of the home though a window if possible so you do not transport it throughout the house in case there are any surviving spores.  The key to a successful mold cleaning is making sure that all spores are dead, and that the problem has been identified and can be prevented in the future.

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