Everyone has at some point in time, gone into their bathroom or garage and has seen the ugly presence of mold on their walls or shower curtains.  They take out the mold cleaner and start scrubbing, wondering how the mold got into their home in the first place.   Mold starts off as tiny spore that are organically produced in nature  and are used to break down old foliage, trees, and dirt.  Once the airborne spores traveling to a home via the wind, and land on a wet or moist surface, mold begins to grow and will spread quiet rapidly under the correct circumstances.

Mold can cause some serious health problems so it is important to get mold cleaner and remove the mold in the quickest, and safest manor possible.  The health problems that can arise from mold growing in the home include, but are not limited to: respiratory injections and problems such as asthma, nasal congestion, mood swings leading to depression, headaches, and even irritable bowel syndrome.

While mold is common and can grow to the point where a typical mold cleaner will not do the trick and a professional has to be   called so that the removal process can be done safely and with the least amount of damage to the home.

Some ways to prevent mold from growing include spraying the mold  with a mold cleaner as soon as it starts to grow,  keeping the home dry and cleaning up any water that spills onto the floor so that the moisture doesn’t have time to seep into the floor, and to ventilate high moisture rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen.  When these precautions are taken, mold growth can be severely limited and can usually be cleaned with a mold cleaner or other mold removing process.  Many homes get mold, the important thing is to remove the mold as soon as possible with a mold cleaner or by a professional so that it does not spread and cause health risks to your family.

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