Anywhere that is exposed to water in a building likely to start growing a fungus of some kind, making mold and mildew removal a priority in that area. As the fungi spread, not only are they an ugly site to look at, but they can also have ill effects on the health of certain people in the area. These plants release spores as part of their reproductive cycles, and these spores may irritate people who are sensitive to allergens. In addition, there is a very rare fungus that can be extremely toxic to anyone in the vicinity, making immediate mold and mildew removal absolute necessary in these cases.

There are many products, tools, and services that can help a homeowner or business owner during the mold and mildew removal process. For minor problems, such as in the bathroom or kitchen, often a simple bleach solution will kill the fungus. There are also a variety of cleaning solutions available that are specifically designed for the task. If the mold is outside of the house, a pressure washer can often be a great tool to get rid of the problem.

The dilemma of mold and mildew removal becomes a little more complicated when the fungus starts growing on surfaces that were not designed to be wet in the first place. A leak in a water line can soak porous surfaces such as wood and drywall. When mold or mildew begins to grow on these areas, the problem is much more serious. Unless the affected area is small and easily removable, it will often be necessary to call in a mold and mildew removal service to do the job correctly, and to avoid health problems associated with toxic mold growth. There are many such services available today, and if one acts quickly, permanent damage to the home can be avoided.

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