There are certain aspects to the Minnesota building code pertaining to modular wheelchair ramps that need to be studied including those of building permits which allows for exemptions under section 301(b) 7 of the Uniform Building Code for platforms and walks as well as driveways that do not exceed thirty inches above grades that are not covered by building permit requirements.

Land Use/Zoning Permits

There is also special local government regulation with respect to land use/zoning permits which may place restrictions on distance to property lines as well as on maximum area and even height and more. However, the specific requirements can vary between jurisdictions which mean that it is up to the local governments how they interpret the Minnesota building code.

Another facet to the Minnesota building code deals with guardrails and according to UBC 1711 open as well as glazed sides of stairways, ramps and landings that rise to more than thirty inches over grade must have guardrails that will act as protection. In case of guardrails near to a ramp or landing that serves a single-family dwelling, it must be at least thirty-six inches high or more and there must also is intermediates that will prevent spheres of six inches in diameter from passing through.

However, another change to the Minnesota State Building Code that came into affect from March twenty-fifth in the year 1995 was that the intermediates should be installed in order to not let any sphere of four inches to pass through.

As far as the code pertaining to ramps is concerned, when ramps are meant to be used to allow people to leave the building, their construction must conform to UBC 3307. Other aspects that are also dealt with in the Minnesota building code include weather exposure, and footings as well as miscellaneous matters.

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